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A word with Ilyaev
What is your field, and how did you get in?
Digital art. I have been painting digitally since I was 13 years old, when I got my first trust tablet for christmas, and that was it really. Every day I was allowed 1 hour on the PC, so every day I would paint for an hour. It just became my joy.
Where do you want your Journey to lead you?
I really don't mind, as long as I improve, and keep continuing to improve. Make art that sings, is soft, romantic, beautiful and strange.
What would you like to achieve within the next year?
To be able to draw better than I currently do, to create more impressive, larger pieces that incorporate more elements.
So far, how have you been developing your skills?
Well, painting a picture. Learning, self reflecting, getting feedback, making alterations, making mental notes and making sure to apply that information onto the next one. If I'm not learning, I'm not stagnating.
Where does your motivation come from?
It makes me happy, I don't need motivation, it cheers me up to paint, so unless I'm particularly tired with work, or I'm blue, I just paint.
Where do you go when you seek inspiration?
Wherever I can, like most. Everything is an inspiration.
What are some of your favorite artists and genres?
I love John White Alexander, Alphonse Mucha, Pre-Raphelite era, Romantic Era, illustrations of people, Ghibli for its excess in skill, Disney for its great characters and Erik Jones for his ladies.
What are some of your favorite writers and books?
I haven't had the chance to read in a long time, but Diana Wynne Jones was an incredible author. You'll know her work from Howls Moving Castle, the book is better than the movie, and the movie is already incredible.
What do you listen to?
I'm not a big fan of music actually, I like Adele, Lana Del Rey, Metallica, Ludovico Einaudi, Sakamoto Ryuichi. But really, I don't listen to music very often (sorry).
What are some of your favorite movies and filmmakers?
Almost all the Disney movies, but Mulan and Tangled are by far the most incredible movies ever, Ghibli movies too, Kingsmen, etc.
What is your favorite website?
ffffound, reddit, Deviantart, instagram, pinterest (its a great resource for inspiration and references!)

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