Frequently Asked Questions
On practice items
We will be adding new Practice items as soon as possible.

If you would like to create a new course for Wysp, or know somebody who would, contact us at
On posting prose, poetry, sculpture, etc.
You are free to post any picture-based or text-based content on Wysp as long as it is artistic in nature, or art-related. This includes prose, poetry, sculpture, tutorials, or even journal posts about your artistic practice.
On bookmarks and upvotes
Upvotes (the thumb-up button) are meant as marks of appreciation of recent posts, while bookmarks (the star button) are posts that you want to keep a permanent trace of --a collection of sorts. You can browse your bookmarks on the "Bookmarks" section of your profile's timeline. You can see who bookmarked a post by going to the post page, and looking for "Bookmarks" in the "Details" section.

You can only upvotes posts from the past 48 hours. You are limited to 1000 upvotes per 48 hours.

You can bookmark posts from any date, and you can bookmark any number of posts.
On art theft
If you find an artwork belonging to you posted on Wysp without your permission, you can send an email to with a link to the Wysp post and proof that you own the artwork. We will then take down the post, and if necessary ban the user responsible.
On mentionning other wyspers
You can use "at names" (such as @username) to mention other wyspers and create a link to their profile. Note that they will not be notified that they were mentionned.
This will only work for wyspers who have a username, and not for wyspers who are using their Facebook name.
On text formatting
You can use the following Html tags in your comments and posts:
  • <b> (bold)
  • <i> (italics)
  • <u> (underline)
  • <a> (link)
On mature content
In your settings, you will find a checkbox for allowing or disallowing mature content to be displayed in timelines when you browse Wysp while logged in.

If you find a post that you believe to contain mature content, but has not been tagged as such, you can notify us at, and we will tag it as we judge appropriate.

You are free to submit posts that contain artistic nudity, or otherwise artistic mature or adult content, as long as you tag them as such.
On the "Popular" and "Hall of Fame" timelines
The Popular timeline is refreshed every 10 minutes and ranks posts according to their numbers of upvotes, bookmarks, and their age. It is similar to the ranking in use at Reddit or Hacker News.

The Hall of Fame is refreshed every 6 hours and ranks posts according to their bookmark counts.
On creating fake accounts to upvote and bookmark posts
We are automatically monitoring account creation and strange upvoting and bookmarking behavior. We take this matter very seriously, as it messes with the actual registration stats, it is unfair for other users, and it decreases the overall quality of the "Popular" timeline.

Any suspicious behavior can get your account(s) suspended or permanently deleted, and can get your IP address(es) permanently banned from Wysp.
On account deletion
If you so wish, you can permanently delete your Wysp account by going to this page.