·  Wysper - MN, USA
I'm tallish and brownish and often have paint on my hands and feet.
A word with CateranLlama
What are some of your favorite artists and genres?
Maurice Sendak and Sussan Seddon Boulet, Stephen Gammell and Edward Gorey, Elfquest and Amy Churchwell and the art team from SuperGiant Games. I like fantasy, sci-fi and genre-defying things the most.
What are some of your favorite writers and books?
Everything by Martha Wells, P. C. Hodgell, N. K. Jemison or China Meiville. Emma Bull's The War for the Oaks, Barbara Hambly's Sun Wolf and Star Hawk books, The Points books by Melissa Scott and Lisa Barret.
What do you listen to?
Lots of classic rock and 90's industrial and the arty end of heavy metal as well as whatever's on the heavier rock local station and a sprinkling of folk, bluegrass and ... really just about anything else.
What are some of your favorite movies and filmmakers?
Pan's Labyrinth, Disney's Robin Hood, The Princess Bride

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