About Wysp.ws
Wysp is a place for creatives who want to grow ever bigger and better.
A place for people like you.

Contrarily to most other art websites, Wysp is not about showcase.
Wysp is about practice and progress.

It features both a social network for sharing your art and giving or receiving advice, and an innovative learning tool to better your skills.

Behind the scenes
Wysp runs on handcrafted artisan code of the finest quality, and it is brought to your screen using only locally-sourced pixels. It has been running without interruption since the initial writing of the current back-end in July 2013. Wysp was designed to be completely autonomous, and as such requires no administration or maintenance.

Moderator interventions have been exceedingly rare, thanks to the excellent behavior of Wyspers.

History of Wysp
Wysp was originally launched on November 26, 2011 as a website challenging people to make one sketch a day as a way to push their skills to the next level. It provided a daily drawing prompt, and enabled members to share their sketches with the community and keep track of their progress.

After attracting quite a bit of popular interest, it was entirely rewritten in March-April 2012 as a social network (Wysp 2). The Wysp learning engine was released a few weeks later, and has been widly successful since, recording over one million pageviews throughout 2012.

During 2012 and early 2013, the learning engine was the main attraction of Wysp. Then, in July 2013, the server code was rewritten from scratch and new features were added, making the website much faster and more modern, as well as giving it social stickiness: Wysp 3. A few days after the relaunch, the new social network went viral on Tumblr and added over nine thousand users in a matter of days.

Since then, Wysp has been a lively art community with thousands of regulars. In July 2014, it underwent a complete redesign to become Wysp 4, which you are now using.
Wysp is made by me. I like to draw. Everyday I am amazed by the awesome artworks that get posted on Wysp. Also I'm really into good coffee and good scotch.

You can contact me at contact@wysp.ws.

I'm also on Twitter: @fchollet