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Been invited on deviantart, and thought it was interesting to try =)
Not sure I'll be able to actually do that every day XD
A jack of all trades is master of none - some guy, I suppose
A word with Tetine
What is your field, and how did you get in?
computer engineer/developpement
Where do you want your Journey to lead you?
Practicing as often as possible
What would you like to achieve within the next year?
Being awesome (a man can dream)
So far, how have you been developing your skills?
I guess I've worked a lot more on quadrupeds
Where does your motivation come from?
I wonder
Where do you go when you seek inspiration?
Nowhere in particular, but it's always best at night, whith just a few lights, silence, a bit of nature...
What are some of your favorite artists and genres?
civiello, royo, serge birault (alias papaninja on da), scebiqu (da), artgerm (da)...
What are some of your favorite writers and books?
i liked these books by Cohello: the alchemist and the zaire. Georges R.R. Martin too (even if it's awfully slow)
What do you listen to?
metal, rock, trip hop, some jazz
What is your favorite website?
I spend a lot of time on da and wysp. There's some Blender related ones too maybe... oh and webcomics. I love webcomics.

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