Sai Brush Settings [1]
SkyFlamia - July 11, 2013
okay, I hope you can see this! This is one of my most used brushes and one of my favorite >u> I found this on tumblr, they are not mine! I use this one mostly for sai, but you can use it for anything! ^u^

Edit: Okay, so someone asked me to add my copic/blend skin brushes, so here you go! I hope this helps~ I just want to add some notes before you try any of these brushes to give you a general idea of what they don;t have to use them like I did, but yeah c:

Blend Skin- First, add your base color with pen tool and then shadow(s) with pen tool also. Then take the Blend Skin and just blend! Go over the edges of shadow with the brush and it will make it look hazy, and go over with base skin color and repeat until you're satisfied ^u^

Copic- More of an airbrush type of brush, designed to act like a copic marker! You can go dark to light or light to dark with this brush just like a copic,it makes very smooth gradients! You could also replace the texture with paper and put it too 100 if you want! And to make it look more grainy set the layer to Watercolor A with default settings c:
Rough brush- brush, Soft brush- brush, copic -WaterCol, Blend skin- Watercol

These brushes aren't mine, I mostly found them on Tumblr and DeviantArt, so if you want to find more here are some blogs I follow with very good references, resources, and more brush settings along with my folder on DA with people's brush settings! (There is also some PS brushes, too <3)

DA Brush Folder:

Tumblr Accounts: art-ref-out-the-wazoo,

art-and-sterf, peopleofcosmicolour

(if you have any to add, please do comment! <33)

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