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Hello! I'm a student artist (majoring in animation), posting my work here to keep track of how my art improves with each piece I work on!
being unproductive is suffering - /人◕‿‿◕人\
A word with Nyansae
Where do you want your Journey to lead you?
I want to be able to positively effect as many people as I can, even if only in entertainment form.
What would you like to achieve within the next year?
I would like to see my art improve in quality in both digital & traditional forms.
So far, how have you been developing your skills?
When I get the chance to draw and I have the right motivation, I try to draw as much as I can.
Where does your motivation come from?
Random bursts crop up from nowhere. Then I try to milk that motivation and the energy that comes with it, haha.
Where do you go when you seek inspiration?
I look to everything nowadays, whether it's nature or a random inside joke me and my friend have, I will get ideas from these things which help me find a starting point.
What are some of your favorite artists and genres?
I really love Kuvshinov-Ilya, and Ani-r (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
What are some of your favorite writers and books?
Authors: James Patterson, J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling || Books: Maximum Ride series, Hobbit & LOTR series, HP series
What do you listen to?
nearly everything. maybe not pirate metal, or nightcore.
What are some of your favorite movies and filmmakers?
Every Ghibli movie ngl (yes, this includes porco rosso) | Big Hero 6 | Wreck It Ralph
What is your favorite website?

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