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Hi, I love to draw and make new friends ! I hope you'll join me on my personal art journey.
Beans - Giga
A word with King-Gigabyte
What is your field, and how did you get in?
My fields ? Sewing, Graphic arts, sculpture. I got into them by seeing others and becoming interested. I did a little sculpture in highschool and enjoyed it ! I've always loved to draw and recently I got into sewing.
Where do you want your Journey to lead you?
I want it to lead me to new experiences and friends. New adventure3s and cool stuff.
What would you like to achieve within the next year?
Better inking, better anatomy and just overall improvement.
So far, how have you been developing your skills?
I've been practicing every day and using as many tutorials as I could.
Where does your motivation come from?
Every day things, Other peoples art, Movies, Music !
Where do you go when you seek inspiration?
Nature, Online, the shower.
What are some of your favorite artists and genres?
Mozart, Davinci, Walt Disney, My friend Alyk, and a few people online. I have a ton honestly. I like macabre art a lot to, Surreal stuff and cartoons.
What are some of your favorite writers and books?
Edgar Allen Poe for one ! I love his book series. Jk Rowling as well I just adore the harry potter series. I can't forget Brian Jacques though. The Redwall series is a massive inspiration to me.
What do you listen to?
I listen to all kinds of music, Horror soundtracks, Dnb, Dubstep, Jazz, Classical, 60s, The Beetles. I listen to almost any thing except Gospel and Country really. I just don't like them that much.
What are some of your favorite movies and filmmakers?
Volcano, Twister, Wreck It Ralph. Rich Moore is a good film maker I suppose ! I have a few favorite Disaster movies which I mentioned and I love the Alien Series ! The 2014 Godzilla movie is great to. I love all of the Godzilla movies even the one by
What is your favorite website?
I have a few so i'll just list them. Cracked, Reddit, Tumblr, Furaffinity, Weasyl, Topless Robot, Youtube, and a few more ! I go on quite a few websites often. Some times I go on Dorkly to.

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