·  I'm a hobby artist - Location unknown
Welcome to my wysp account, plz enjoy my art, and no harsh criticisms
A word with justinandrew1984
What is your field, and how did you get in?
Digital and Traditional art/fanart artist
What would you like to achieve within the next year?
To be a better artist/fanartist
So far, how have you been developing your skills?
for 6 years now
Where does your motivation come from?
Stuff I like and interesting art/fanart.
Where do you go when you seek inspiration?
art and fanart
What are some of your favorite artists and genres?
Anime and manga artist
What are some of your favorite writers and books?
naoko takeuchi and sailor moon mangas
What do you listen to?
Any music I like
What is your favorite website?
wysp and deviantart

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